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Cascade Crest 100 2013.

“This is bad.  You’ve lost multiple layers of skin. It’s your call but to continue will cause serious damage and take a LONG time to heal” said that EMT as I lay shivering on a cot, somewhere between disbelief and joy. The last 15 minutes were spent shaking from the cold and writhing in pain with every touch on my heel in attempts to get it cleaned from hours of grinding dirt into an open wound. As glad as I was to no longer have to wince with every foot strike, to no longer worry about the damage I was doing by an altered gait, I was disappointed to not be able to finish well the race I had waited so long to give my all.

Even though I had to end my 2013 Cascade Crest experience after 67 miles, I do feel I gave it my all. This one event will not define me as a person or a runner. My crew and I did all we were able to do to mitigate the unfortunate circumstance in which I found myself. I continued to push until it was unbearable and unwise. The mental drain of feeling every footfall for over 60 miles had taken its toll on my mind’s ability to send pain elsewhere.

If you want a rundown of the Cascade Crest 100 course, you can see my race report from 2011. I will say that the highlights again were the peirogis from Scott McCoubrey’s AS at mile 47, descending the ropes section, and of course running through the tunnel – a Cascade Crest signature.

Now my 2013 season is over. I will have the opportunity to give back to my amazing crew by supporting them at their first 100-miler in September.

I am beyond fortunate that I did not get injured and the worst of my ailments is a tender heel for a little while. I will take with me the lessons learned and apply them as I begin to vigorously return to training this fall. I am so excited to see what 2014 will hold.

Thank you all for your continuing support and encouragement.

Keep moving…but stop if you must.



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