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I Won the Lottery!

Ok. So I did not win the mega millions as most of my friends asked when I exclaimed that I’d won the lottery. Books like Born to Run, Ultramarathon Man, and Eat & Run are gaining in popularity, so is the sport of ultrarunning. Don’t get me wrong, I love that more people are becoming active and seeking adventure in the form of ultra trail running, it just makes signing up for lotteries instead of the actual race taxing at best. Planning a calendar for the year is now a matter of options and alternatives pending lottery results. In fact, all of this weighed heavily on the events I chose to enter this year, opting for mainly those without lotteries.

That said…I GOT IN TO WESTERN STATES. I have waited 3 years to have my name called (I know some people have waited much longer). On December 8th after returning from a nice long run with some friends, I grabbed some hot tea and snuggled up by the computer to watch the live feed of the WS100 lottery. I was texting with some friends when moments after sitting down, I heard my name! I couldn’t believe it and waited impatiently for the text version of the site to catch up with the live video feed of names called. Before I even had the chance to post about me being selected in the social media world, friends were already sending me their congrats. When I did mention that I was in WS100 for 2013, I got as many notes/posts as on my birthday, if not more. That moment solidified how fortunate I am to be selected. There are a few other people from Vancouver/Victoria that were selected as well, so we should have a nice Canadian cohort present. We’ll be the ones in beaver hats and smelling of maple syrup.

To be honest, I did not want to be selected this year. I recognize that participating in a race at this level of prestige does not happen often and I want to do well. I kept telling my friends that I really wanted in for 2014 in order to accomplish my personal goals. However, the lottery gods had other plans. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been busy. I am now training a lot more and with more focus than I ever had…it feels great. I am fortunate enough to know people from here who have run the race before and have been willing to offer advice on where/how to specifically train for WS100 in Vancouver. (Thanks Ellie G!!)

My best friends and running companions Adam and Meredith just signed up for their first 100-miler this year. They are going to destroy it. I am blessed and elated to get to train with them again this year.

WS Lottery

Happy trails.



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