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Arc’teryx Squamish 50 2012.

I was fortunate enough to be able to be a part of the inaugural Squamish 50 mile trail race this past weekend. It was a great time reconnecting with a ton of new and familiar friendly faces I have come to love through this sport of ultrarunning. I knew the course would be difficult because Gary Robbins was in control of picking the route. The uphills were a runnable grade and long with quick steep super fun descents. I went in to the race on really tired legs. I had run White River 50 2 weeks prior and only had a couple days off. The weekend before I had run over 30 miles of the Cascade Crest 100 mile course followed by a few jaunts up the BCMC on Grouse to get familiarized with my new poles and grab some more vertical for the weekend. I wanted to utilize this race to end up having my highest mileage week, practice my 100-mile pace (aka the Wasatch waddle) and experiment with some different nutritional items.

Even though my finishing time of 12:40 does not necessarily show that I had a great time and felt pretty solid the last 6-8 miles given what I had put my body through leading up to the race. The race itself, even though it was the first time Gary and Geoff had put it on was flawless. I was a bit nervous about getting lost since I did not look at anything concerning the course before showing up (at 10:30pm the night before I was looking up directions to the start line). The course was marked incredibly well and I was able to turn my brain off and just enjoy the long day in the gorgeous scenery. Running up a gravel road 3 times was a bit monotonous but did not take away from the massive amounts of the lush, gnarly single-track trail I have come to love here in BC. Oh. And Arc’teryx sponsored the race which meant the runners got the amazing Motus Crew, my favorite shirt to run in. Bonus. And the finisher medal was pretty rad too.

All that to say, if Gary and Geoff (and Arc’teryx) team up to put on a race, you better do it. I hope I get to do it again, but not 2 after White River. Job well done fellas. Thanks again to all the awesome volunteers and everyone that came together to make the event so fantastic. Thanks to the guy who recognized me from stumbling upon this blog and chatting with me for a while down the first descent. All the other friends I got to see again that are way to numerous to name — so good to see you again.

So with that I am now starting to taper down for Wasatch 100. It has been looking at me on my whiteboard as I leave my apartment everyday. Now it is the only thing left. After Squamish 50 my confidence in having a successful and goal-hitting Wasatch has been restored. The nutritional experimentation paid off big time. Aside from the fatigued legs, that was the best I’d ever felt in an ultra.

Now this honey badger is ready to go kick Wasatch in the face.


P.S. I feel like a true Canadian now. After running all day through the forest, it was not until the last mile or so running through the city of Squamish that I saw wildlife — a big black bear, happily crossing the street to where I had just come. If I had been a few minutes slower I might have met him nose-to-nose.


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