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Capitol Peak 50 Mile 2012.

I made my way down to Jen’s house with great anticipation of this race. It is the first major distance ultra since Cascade Crest last year. After my notable improvements on 50k’s earlier this year, I was ready to see what I could push myself to in my first 50 miler of the season. I got to Jen’s and was greeted with the company of her great family and met a lot of new friends. Jenni (pictured below on the far right) was in town to run her first ultra trail race. Also, Jason who blasted Cascade Crest last year and his girlfriend Jenn were in to help crew the race.

Unfortunately, all the good times with the people was the only good time for the weekend. The race started out ok but before the aid station at mile 4, my stomach started gurgling something fierce. I was in knots for a while until I had to excuse myself from the trail at about miles 14. Once I finally regained control of my stomach, I knew dehydration would be coming up soon so I tried to start pounding gels, water and electrolyte tablets. Sadly it did not work. Even though I was near the front-ish by mile 32-33, my legs locked up and I knew it would be a struggle to finish…and it was. But I battled it out and finished.

While I did enjoy spending time on the trails, I was not happy with having to walk/jog the majority of the last half of the race. I felt like I did not really get to push my legs at all. My friend Jen ended up being the first woman! I was more than thrilled for her. She totally deserved it. You can read her amazing write-up here.

I am very thankful the race was so well organized so thanks to John the RD and a huge thanks to all the great volunteers (Jason and Jenn, I’m looking at you!). And also thanks to all my friends who gave me tons of encouragement to make it through the mental recovery from my big bonk. Hopefully that will be the bonk of the year. Now to move on to the next one…

Honey badger through it.



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