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2012: Year of the Honey Badger.

Earlier this year, the Chinese rang in the year of the dragon. One would expect to choose that as a personal spirit animal for the coming year. I however, am no such person. While the dragon symbolizes good fortune and intense power, there exists another creature in the animal kingdom with even more tenacity and power than a dragon could ever possess. I am speaking of the honey badger, my 2012 spirit animal. For those of you who have not yet viewed the honey badger in action, check out this video on YouTube (*contains colorful language*) and you will see why, in part, I have chosen it to be my spirit animal. “Look, it runs all over the place…It’s the most fearless animal in all of the animal kingdom…Honey badger don’t care.”

After I finished the Orcas Island 50k, I found out that I had been selected in the lottery for the 2012 Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance run (YAY!). I learned that those relentless enough to finish the race in the alotted 36 hours are awarded with — the Badger Heart belt buckle. The website states the badger is a creature of the earth and a tenacious, undefeatable, committed adventurer. I would be honored to have these words describe me. While I will be more than thrilled just finish this beast of a race, my goal is to achieve the Spirit of the Wind belt buckle — finishing in under 30 hours. The incredible few able to complete Wasatch 100 in less than 24 hours join the elite order of the crimson cheetah. I began to research animal groups. Do you know what a group of badgers is called? It is a company. That is the best description I could think of for what it takes to attempt races of this magnitude.

I am beyond excited to join in running this race, one of the 4 oldest 100 milers. It is the closing race of the Grandslam of Ultrarunning: Western States 100, Vermont 100, Leadville 100, and Wasatch 100. Completing the grandslam, running all 4 in one year, is for sure on my to do list…someday.

I am so blessed to have good company around me to support me mentally and those with whom I train. I already have some of the best people I know signed up and ready to travel with me to Utah to help crew and pace me. Thank you already. We are going to have an incredible year!

Unleash your inner honey badger.



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