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2011: A year to endure.

I have mentioned before about how ultrarunning teaches me things relevant to my life. I am still processing and uncovering everything my running taught me this year. Attempting my first 100 mile race less than 3 years from completing my first marathon was a major leap. I knew the training would be tiring and unending but the experience was more than worth the pain, rainy runs and lonely long runs. During 2011, reality set in of my new surroundings. Vancouver. It is often compared to Seattle and as the weeks unfolded I began to understand how completely different the cities are. I was failing at finding local shops, cafes and coffee shops to spend my free time reading or working on this blog. The days continued to disappoint with hopes of finding connection with someone, anyone; runners, music-types, coffee aficionados. I found Vancouver a dark extremely lonely place filled with some of the nicest yet utterly uninviting and inconsistent people I’ve ever encountered. The training runs did keep me at a reasonable distance to most social happenings and most of the time I rushed down to Seattle to get training in with Paul. And I had people in Seattle hearing of my social woes and inviting me down for parties almost every weekend. It was no surprise that after the better part of 2011 Vancouver seemed like a place to endure, not live. But training has taught me to keep pressing on, always. Never stop and with enough time things are bound to change. The only centering anchor I had keeping me the least bit interested in not jumping this Canadian ship was my job. Something I never ever thought I would say. Ever. In short, my job rocks. I am fortunate enough to be challenged intellectually and express my creative side in attempts to positively affect lives and in some small way, with the rest of company, change the future of science.

So I stayed. I pressed on. And as 2011 began to wind down, I found myself in a new setting filled with hope for an incredible 2012. I relocated to the East Van neighborhood which is the closest thing to Seattle I can find in this city. I fulfilled one of my dreams of living above a coffee shop. I joined CrossFit, an unexpected completely amazing family. My workmates began to understand my distaste for Vancouver and really stepped up to show me its positives. Ultrarunner Adam Campbell instigated a ‘tweet up’ and I got to meet some other ultrarunners on a run up and down Grouse mountain. Another great family with great plans of training and showing me more of the trails Vancouver has to offer.

So did I enjoy 2011? It is not exactly black and white but…no. Yes I had some incredible achievements and great times, but overall 2011 was a year to endure, not enjoy. Now that 2012 has dawned I move forward, thankful to have had the experiences and lessons of 2011.

Here’s to 2012. A year surely to be filled with smiles and miles.

Also, here is an amazing infographic of this blog over the past year. Thank you all who join with me in my running adventures.



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  1. So glad you have found a place there! I will be in touch when I get back to the PAC NW:)

    January 4, 2012 at 1:53 pm

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