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100 Thank You’s.

While you wait (patiently) for my 2011 Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance run full race report, I wanted to go ahead and say a few words of thanks.

First and foremost, thank you Charlie Crissman for organizing an incredible team of people and putting on this race. I was very impressed with the organization of Cascade Crest given its reputation for being a throwback ultra. The talk before the race began claimed “This is not Western States. This is tough rugged old school trail running.”

My next big thank you goes to the course volunteers. They ran the course beforehand, clearly marking where to go with orange flags or glow sticks if it was a night section. Having run part of the course prior to the race I can tell you that it would not have been enjoyable if I had to stop to determine which trail I needed to be taking.

A massive thank you goes to the aid station volunteers. They were always ready to meet your every need with a smile and encouragement, even at 1 am with multiple requests for hot soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and ginger ale. Thanks to Scott McCoubrey who braved the cold in the middle of the night to greet runners with hot pierogis and encouragement to get back out on the trail. To the finish line crew and EMT who were there to initiate the restoration of the broken bodies that crossed the line, thank you for telling me my feet looked like some of the best that had made it and helped wash away 100 miles of dirt. Also a huge thanks to the Easton Fire Department for their service both during the race and year round.

Thank you Glenn Tachiyama for hiking around to picturesque views and sitting countless hours to take phenomenal photographs as the runners came trudging by. It is always a pleasure seeing you out there!

Thanks to my fellow Cascade Crest runners who kept the true spirit of trail running the entire time. A community marked by courtesy, togetherness and encouragement. I raise my belt buckle to those of you who tackled this race with no crew or pacer. You astound me.

Thanks to all of you reading this who followed along via Twitter or Facebook offering your thoughts and words of encouragement.

Lastly and most certainly not least, never ending thank you’s to my amazing crew. Dan, Caryn and Claire who drove down from Vancouver BC to send me off and help me at the mile 23 aid station, thank you for entering in to this adventure and culture of trail running. To Paul, the only person I know who can push me to run faster in his sleep. He was never short on encouragement and kept the pressure on me to do the best I could, THANK YOU. To Dave, who flew in from Hawaii to be a part of this with me, who numerous times had to talk me out of dropping from the race, stayed awake the entire time I was running and met me at every aid station he could ready to do anything I asked, THANK YOU. I could not have succeeded in finishing without these people.



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