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Meet The Crew.

What is a crew? In an ultra a crew meets a runner at some of the aid stations with specific food items, clothes, and equipment needed at certain points of the course (headlamp, jacket, etc.). Crews are not necessary for running an ultra but they can greatly enhance the journey, or slow you down horribly. Part of a crew is pacer, a fellow runner who joins you at appropriate times (decided by the race director) to help push you through the pain and confusion. A crew works as a doctor, therapist, moral support, voice of reason, and supplier of all needs.

I have had one crew before during my first 50 miler. It is a very humbling experience because your crew voluntarily sits and waits to help you finish your goal. I am very excited to have Dave returning to crew me during the Cascade Crest 100. Dave is a PhD clinical psychologist. Who better to help me with the intense mental aspect of running this race?! Dave is one of my best friends. We have had many epic adventures: numerous hikes and skiing trips, summiting Mt. St. Helens, snow camping at Crater Lake and touring Oregon, taking on the wrath of the Pacific Ocean at tide pools on Oahu, and experiencing the extremes of lava fields and snow on the Big Island of Hawaii. Even before the race Dave is helping me be mentally prepared. He is sending me scriptures and prayers each day for 2 weeks as my physical training decreases to increase the mental and spiritual training I need. Along with Dave, I will have Paul waiting in the wings ready to join me at mile 53. Paul will be helping me traverse the toughest portion of the race and help me through the night. I first met Paul during training for the 2010 WR50. We quickly became training buddies and best of friends. We have travelled to Montana to run Le Grizz and spent countless hours training together this year. No one can push me to run harder than Paul, and no one knows me as a runner better.

I am very humbled and honored to present you my Cascade Crest 100 mile Endurance Run crew.



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  1. I am so honored to be included on such an amazing feat of human strength and will power. And I’ll be praying from the sidelines the whole time bud.

    August 18, 2011 at 11:43 pm

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