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I was on a training run this weekend at Rattlesnake just outside of Seattle. Most of my long runs have been in cool climates, over snow or in pouring rain (thanks Vancouver!). So running under mostly exposed areas with temperatures breaking 80F was tiring. The total mileage was around 22 and I ran out of water in the last 5 miles. I could tell I was getting quite dehydrated and was begging people I passed for spare water. No one had any. And then I tripped with about a mile and half to go. Thankfully I did not fall. I caught myself but at the cost of having my left calf seize up. The couple I had just passed approached me, bent in half trying to breathe and let my leg relax to see if I was OK. I squeaked out that I needed water, badly. They were so kind to let me drink from their camelbak, which was still ice cold. After about 3 gulps I said my many thanks and was on my way.

Water is so important for running. Water is so important for life.

Below is a link to a video giving you an idea of the current water situation in Malawi. By giving to 100 for 100, we can help provide life-giving water.

Collective Hope Water Situation



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