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2011: The year of the 100.

The alarm went off with about 20 minutes until the Cascade Crest released the sign-up at 8am. Since I knew I had some time to spare, I got some cereal and a glass of water. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had remembered someone telling me that it typically fills up in about 2 days, so I was in no big rush. I decided to check my email and make my way to the website. It was 8:03am and there were 6 spots left. SIX SPOTS! I began to stress. I grabbed my credit card and filled out the application as quickly as I could. I guess my fingers were fast enough because I got in! With only three spots left after I completed the registration, the entire race was full in less than 10 minutes. I could not believe the race filled up in less than 1o minutes!

Breathe. Ok. So I got in to a 100 mile race. Now what? Where do I even begin training for this? How do I train? I felt confident in training for marathons and 50 milers; it seemed manageable. But a 100 miler? I started reading blogs and getting some ideas but still. So I enlisted the help of Matt Hart to set up training regimens for me. I still will have to do most of the training on my own, but at least now I will have direction.

And now the most difficult part of any race has begun. The training. I have been doing specific training for over a month now. My life is training. And I love it. Though I have disappeared from many things, including but not limited to this blog. After work, I train. If I’m not training, I’m laying around recovering.

I am beyond excited to be able to aid a cause with this run. Collective Hope inspires me in ways I cannot adequately express and my hope is that my attempts to complete a monumental race could inspire and bless others far exceeding any expectation. If you have not already, please consider joining the journey by clicking on the 100 for 100 tab at the top of this page.

Sorry for the lack of contact recently, I will not disappear like that again for a while. You can look forward to what is happening as my training ramps up, races I will be participating in along the way, and encouragement I find in this journey.



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