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Couples Therapy.

Canada, eh? There. That’s where my legs took me. Canada. Ok, so maybe not so much my legs as the opportunity for employment but still. Canada. Vancouver, B.C. to be exact. I am extremely thankful that I get to stay in the Pacific Northwest. I honestly do not think there is a more gorgeous place to live and let’s just say the ability to run in the mountains always in view is an added bonus. I moved to Vancouver on Halloween 2010. I spent the first couple weekends back and forth from Seattle gathering the rest of what I had left from the unemployed chapter of my life. I had signed up for the Seattle 2010 marathon in hopes of finally beating my Seattle 2008 time. Because of the moving, settling, and icy sidewalks, my running suffered a lot. Since Le Grizz, my longest run was a slow 12 miler through the snow mid-November; about 2 weeks before the marathon. It was a great way to close out the 2.5 years I spent living in Seattle, running my city. For the race, I took my time not worrying about my pace, just reflecting on the absolutely incredible times Seattle gave me, and hoping that Vancouver would be a place to take me in as Seattle had. I ended up finishing the marathon in 3:45. Not bad considering I was fighting off a cough and fever; I stopped to walk at about mile 22 because my whole body would not stop shaking. I somehow regained control of my body and powered through the last few miles, finishing with my best time yet!

The lottery for WS100 came and went and I began to start looking for other opportunities for running a 100-miler in 2011.

Running in Canada has been quite the experience. I often wonder if it is just tunnel-visioned drivers or if no one is used to looking for runners approaching a crosswalk. I have lost count of how many times I have almost been hit, while wearing this:

Oh, Canada. One night I was almost hit by a car too ambitious in turning right on red, only to be immediately dodging a car turning left from the perpendicular road which had somehow missed the event. I almost decided to stop running that night. And maybe I should have. Another night, I was happily running down a hill when all of a sudden this couple walks out in the middle of the sidewalk and stops. I guess my heavy footsteps trying to slow me down quickly approaching was enough to alert them there was not enough room for the 3 of us. Since it was a choice between a tree and a bush for me, both of which I’ve yet to gain the powers to run through (but I’m working on it), I was under the assumption they would step aside. I was wrong. As I tried to avoid slamming in to both of them I landed hard on my right foot to try to come to a complete stop. I was able to finish my run but could barely walk later that night. My knee was killing me. I considered hopping on my left foot. I have learned to run through pain, but this felt different.

I took time off. My knee still hurt. I took more time off. I knew I needed to get back out for a long run to see if I would even be able to sign up for a 100 miler. I set out for a moderate 13 miler. About 7 miles in, I was as far away as I could be from my apartment and could not run because the pain was too intense. I had to walk home and immediately signed up for a physiotherapy appointment. The first opening was a week and a half away. So I did what any sensible person would do; see how far I could run again. This time I chose trails, and lasted 15 miles. As a side note, I had not intended to run this long, I got lost in the trail matrix. From physiotherapy I learned that I had a strained IT band in my right leg which was causing my knee to hurt. He felt I would be back running strong very soon.

So I did the exercises and stuck to shorter runs for a few weeks. I am happy to say that I am now back in full force! I had my sights on the Cascade Crest, but I needed to get in first. The signup was quickly approaching and I was told that it filled up in about 2 days last year, so I set an alarm to remind me to set an alarm to wake up early for signing up.



2 responses

  1. So wait…why is this post titled COUPLES THERAPY? B/c the couple that were walking need therapy? : )

    July 15, 2011 at 5:57 pm

  2. Hah. No. Because that couple sent me to therapy.

    July 15, 2011 at 6:08 pm

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